Product listing and detail – Part 1 In this blog we are going to see how we can display list of products fetched from an API and the product detail screen. We are going to use Retrofit to make the api call. Add these dependencies to add retrofit to our project. Follow the retrofit doc to add the dependencies - Continue reading Product listing and detail – Part 1

Testing Testing your app is an integral part of app development. By running tests against your app consistently, you can verify your app's correctness, functional behavior, and usability before you release it publicly. Testing also provides you with the following advantages: Rapid feedback on failures.Early failure detection in the development cycle.Safer code refactoring, letting you … Continue reading Testing

MVVM architecture pattern

In this blog we are going to see about the importance of architecture pattern and MVVM architecture pattern in android application development. Let's dive in.... Architecture pattern Architecture is an integral part of any application development. It helps in writing a clean , testable and manageable code. Following an architectural pattern will benefit in … Continue reading MVVM architecture pattern